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Turn Dreams into Reality? Start by WRITING

Previously, I shared my recent upgrade about Building a Digital mind for productivity. It includes simple acts of writing down plans, keeping journals, and maintaining a digital repository of ideas. And that has been a game-changer for my productivity ever since. I thought its good to share how the act of writing helped shaped my dreams and family's aspiration into actions

For a while now, I've been using Notion, a versatile productivity app. Recently my wife asked, "would there be a day we could buy a place in New Zealand, and settle there?" The idea of relocating to New Zealand has always held a special place in our hearts, ever since our unforgettable honeymoon in 2017. So I've decided to make it a personal project where I map out the steps to turn aspirations into attainable goals. Spanning it over a decade, where I asked myself: "Could I make it possible over the next 10 years?"

To make this dream a reality, I began by dissecting every aspect of it. I created sections in Notion to explore WHY we wish to live in New Zealand, the incredible BENEFITS it offers, the financial REQUIREMENTS, our current RESOURCES, and what we need to BUILD over the next decade.

To gauge the financial feasibility, I timed our current investments and forced savings. I also factored in the substantial benefit of free education for residents of New Zealand, as we have a growing family to consider.

I even ventured into the possibility of starting a wholesale trading company that serves as a bridge between countries, capitalizing on our bilingual abilities. I mean, we definitely need to consider income!

Throughout this journey, one lesson echoed in my mind: WRITE down your plans. When you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard in my case, you see more than you think. Don't let your dreams remain as fleeting thoughts in your mind. WRITE THEM DOWN!

It crystallizes your ambitions, making them tangible, actionable, and achievable. If you have a dream, whether it's relocating to a new country, starting a business, or pursuing a passion, remember this: when you write it down, you're taking the first step towards making it happen. Start writing, start planning, and start living your dreams.

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