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My Book & Tribute Featured On The Morning Paper

Here's a translated summary of the article:

Event: A memorial service was held last Friday by Noontalk Media for the late artiste Aloysius Pang Wei Chong, marking his fifth anniversary.

Low-Key Intent: The organizer, Dasmond Koh, intended the service to be low-key, inviting only those who genuinely remembered the late artiste, not fans seeking other celebrities.

Book Tribute by Brother: Jefferson Pang, the older brother and a banking professional, authored a 120-page English book titled "What I'd Give To Say Once More." It's a tribute to his brother, covering Aloysius's past and self-help themes, aimed at guiding the younger generation.

Inspiration for the Book: The idea came from the memories of Aloysius's room, cluttered with books and items, many of which were passed on by Jefferson.

Legacy and Teaching: Jefferson believes in teaching something valuable for the late artiste to be remembered. The book targets readers aged 20-40, exploring the meaning of life.

View on Education and Parenting: He expressed dissatisfaction with Singapore's education system, advocating for evolved parenting approaches that nurture interests aligned with future careers.

Book and Charity: The book is available on Amazon and a personal site ( Jefferson self-funded 1000 physical copies, donating 500 to Club Rainbow Singapore. He encourages donations and feedback on his first attempt.

Writing Process: The writing began in early 2023, taking about 150 hours over several months, with a cost of around SGD 6000. Jefferson consulted other local artiste with Noontalk Media to enrich the content.

Personal Life: Following his brother's passing, Jefferson welcomed two children, providing a shift in the family's focus and helping with the grieving process.

Memorial Event: He refrained from crying at the memorial, focusing on inspiring others and keeping his brother's memory alive.

First-Time Author: The article praises Jefferson's literary skills and emotional depth in his first book.

Appreciation Note to Zaobao:

Thank you, Lianhe Zaobao and Journalist Ming Hua, for your heartfelt and beautifully written article. It genuinely captured the essence of the memorial service for my brother, Aloysius Pang, and the journey of authoring the book. Your narrative not only honors my brother's memory but also eloquently shares the emotions and motivations behind my endeavor to keep his legacy alive. Your attention to detail and sensitivity in portraying this personal story is much appreciated.

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