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The Restaurant We Favored as Kids, Lost Us As Customers

When I was a kid, my mom used to take my brothers and me to a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel. Those trips were amazing. The chef would do all these cool tricks while cooking, like tossing eggs onto the spatula or creating fiery displays. The food was fantastic, and we always ended with ice cream. It was consistently amazing.

Years later, the restaurant underwent major renovations and cutbacks. As adults, we still visit, but it's not the same. Fast forward today, 20 years after. The place is now smaller, and they've cut costs. The prices are still competitive, but the quality and ingredients have suffered. They still serve ice cream, but it's at your table. Longtime customers like us were disappointed. We visit probably once every 2 years now. And every time the experience is nothing like the past. Often we looked at each other with faces of disapproval. 

Why do we keep going back? 

I think it's because we miss the good old days when everything was consistent. People generally don't like change, even if we say we can adapt. Back then, the food was great, the routine was comforting, and the service was top-notch. We grew up with it, and we want that feeling again.

The problem now is that the restaurant lost its identity. They tried to please everyone with low prices, but they lost their loyal customers. These customers are wealthier now, and the restaurant's current approach doesn't work for them. In my opinion, the restaurant should raise prices a bit and focus on delivering quality and consistency. They should aim for a more upscale audience. It used to be a bit pricey, but it felt luxurious. Today, it's just expensive without the luxury.

In conclusion, businesses today need to have a clear purpose and target a specific audience. Consistency and quality matter a lot, and understanding your niche is crucial for long-term success.

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