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My 2023 Journey: Reflection and Personal Growth

Not too long ago, I was out with my buddies, enjoying a couple of drinks. They couldn't help but notice my shift towards LinkedIn while my interest in Instagram and Facebook had waned. Naturally, they were curious about the "why" behind my actions in 2023 and what fueled my passion for crafting newsletters and sharing insights on social platforms. Or even creating a casual podcast for that matter. I thought it would be a pleasure to take this moment to reflect on what I've experienced in 2023 as we approach 2024.

Early in 2023, I made a commitment to myself. I needed to focus on personal growth. I understood that our present times are vastly different from the past. It's a noisy, crowded digital world out there. Think about it – there are countless job seekers and LinkedIn users. The competition for promotions and job opportunities is fierce. So, what makes me stand out?

It struck me that being different and offering genuine value were the keys. My strategy I concluded, was to share my own experiences and the lessons learned from my missteps. To do that, I had to consume the right kind of information from the right sources, which required reading and improving my writing skills. That's how my journey kicked off in January 2023.

To make this shift, I bid farewell to Instagram and Facebook, and deleted both Apps from my mobile. I felt like the content there was superficial and driven by our need for validation. Vanity is our greatest sin, and they fueled it. Instead, I channeled my energy into LinkedIn, podcasts, influential voices on YouTube, and personal development books. You are what you consume, I always say. 

As we approach the end of 2023, I can't help but look back in awe at this transformative journey. Writing has become a source of joy for me, with a weekly ritual of sharing my thoughts and ideas inspired by my newfound knowledge. I've also stepped out of my comfort zone, trying things I'd never considered before. With the help of mental models and frameworks, I've become better at grasping different perspectives and making decisions more efficiently.

Beyond the professional aspect, I've cherished some quality time with my wife and kids. While I may not have all the answers to parenting, I firmly believe in the Westernized approach, focusing on early education through empowerment and communication. It's heartwarming to see my kids growing up to be interactive and communicative, confirming that I'm on the right path.

Despite the fact that my 2023 endeavors haven't filled my pockets (hopefully my bosses are reading this 🤣), I believe they've enriched me in terms of personal growth. And I sincerely hope that what I've shared has been valuable to my readers and friends as well. So, 2023 has been a year of transformation, self-discovery, and a commitment to continual growth.

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