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After 50 Articles, 290 Subscribers: A Writing Journey Turn Self-Discovery

In the midst of drafting my latest newsletter article, my wife inquired about the number of views my work had garnered. Sheepishly, I admitted to a modest range of 150 to 300 views. Her follow-up question struck a chord: "Why invest time in writing then?"

Reflecting on my journey, I ventured into creating the Work+Life Juggler Newsletter in January 2023 as a personal growth endeavor. Writing was uncharted territory—a fresh skill to acquire, a different experience to immerse myself in. And so, I embarked on this path.

Over time, the newsletter became a repository of over 50 articles, with a subscriber base of just over 290. Initially aimed at attracting viewership, it evolved into a catalyst for self-reflection and healing. 

My son, Atticus, became a guide on the importance of authenticity in my writing. In a world where many cloak themselves in pretense—be it on social media or in their personal lives—the articles help remind me of what truly matters. 

Then the real magic happens.

When I encounter life challenges, be they moments of positivity or adversity. I found myself dissecting thoughts and emotions, probing their origins and unraveling their impact on me. Gradually, what appeared as a problem metamorphosed into a profound revelation, accompanied by a solution. This then took shape in my articles, offering readers a journey to a hopeful, shared experience.

This writing process, I discovered, was truly transformative. What began as an exploration in content creation transcended into self-discovery and growth.

My aspirations for my children once revolved around specialized careers, like a plastic surgeon or a dentist. However, a recent realization has reshaped my hope. I now dream that they find fulfillment as accomplished writers. In Asia, we don't have many of those, and I hope they become trailblazers in this space.

The benefits of writing extend far beyond what meets the eye. It's a medium for self-exploration to self-transformation. Aa path I never knew existed—a path of personal evolution and shared experiences.

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