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A Dinosaur, a Hammer & Deep Work

Today, while out with the kids, we stumbled upon a store with a fascinating offer—a chance to uncover a hidden dinosaur in a fossil rock for just $10. Initially hesitant when my wife suggested we try it, I knew I'd probably end up doing most of the digging.

And true enough, I was the one wielding the hammer while Atticus lent a hand with the brushing. Surprisingly, that hour flew by as I found myself completely absorbed. It was like diving into "deep work," shutting out distractions and focusing solely on the task at hand—digging.

After an hour's worth of dedication, it was done. And strangely enough, I felt a sense of pride, odd as it sounds for a toy. Even though it was meant to be a bonding moment with my son, I got carried away. Yet, having Atticus nearby, tinkering with his Buzzdozer and the leftover clay, made it all the more enjoyable.

This experience got me thinking about the benefits of deep work. Have you ever felt that level of absorption at work, or were constant meetings and a lack of passion holding you back? As we approach 2024, it might be time to reflect on how to achieve that deep work state and incorporate things you genuinely enjoy into your tasks to make it easier.

What strategies could you employ to achieve deep work? How might doing things you love help you attain this state more effortlessly?

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